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PDB-Dev is a prototype archiving system for structural models obtained using integrative or hybrid modeling and is funded by the NSF ABI Development Program. Structural characterization of many complex macromolecular assemblies is increasingly carried out using integrative modeling, where a combination of complementary experimental and computational techniques is used to determine the structure. The structural models obtained through integrative modeling are collected, archived and disseminated to the public through PDB-Dev. Once the mechanisms for processing integrative models are fully established through PDB-Dev, the key components will be integrated with the wwPDB OneDep system and the PDB-Dev holdings will be moved into the PDB.

Released PDB-Dev Structures


New Deposition and Data Harvesting System

We have developed a new Deposition and Data Harvesting System that provides a web interface for depositors to assemble all the information required for archiving integrative structures in PDB-Dev, generate a compliant mmCIF file, and deposit the structure to PDB-Dev. The old deposition system has been deprecated as of June 3rd, 2022. Read more...

PDB-Dev Publication

Recent updates to PDB-Dev, including the development of a new data harvesting system, have been published in Acta Crystallographica Section D: Vallat B et al., New sytem for archiving integrative structures, Acta Cryst. 2021; D77: 1486-1496. doi:10.1107/S2059798321010871

BioExcel Webinar

Recently, the PDB-Dev team participated in the BioExcel webinar series. The webinar presentation was titled "PDB-Dev: A prototype system for archiving integrative structures". The recorded version of the webinar is available on youtube.

Visualization of Structures using Molstar

3D visualization of structures using Molstar is now available on PDB-Dev. Structures in PDB-Dev can be directly visualized from the respective entry pages. Molstar can visualize atomic and multi-scale structures. Read more...

Welcome to the Updated PDB-Dev website

The PDB-Dev web interface has been revamped to provide dynamic, responsive and mobile-friendly web pages. PDB-Dev website now includes a new service that facilitates search and retrieval of integrative structures archived in PDB-Dev. Read more...

Whitepaper from the Integrative Modeling Community

In March 2019, a satellite workshop titled "Working towards federating structural models and data" was held at the Biophysical Society Annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. A whitepaper summarizing the outcomes of the workshop was recently published in the journal Structure. Read more...

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